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Delgado’s aisle is widening fast

January 4, 2019 12:33 am

Democratic Congressman-elect Antonio Delgado did not disappoint Wednesday when he said he is willing to work across the aisle to tackle the dysfunction in Washington. One of his campaign promises last year was bipartisanship, and we expect him to make good on this pledge. But Delgado takes office in the 19th District amid the impasse between Congress and President Donald Trump over funding for a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. Delgado is walking straight into a political maelstrom.

Delgado took the oath of office in Washington, the 14th day of a partial federal government shutdown as Congress butts heads over a spending plan for the new year, specifically how to pass a budget that will ultimately earn the approval of a president who has taken a hard line on the necessity for $5 billion in funding for a border wall. Congress, meanwhile, has hardened its position against the president’s demand for wall funding and ramped up the showdown.

“Over the last weeks, our key focus has been to get our district operation up and running,” Delgado said Wednesday. “Accessibility and accountability are two of the most important things to me, and we need strong district operations for that. That’s why we’re setting up offices across the district and why I’ll hold a town hall in every county of the district over the next year.”

Delgado’s attention to accountability and accessibility, his plan to open offices across the 19th District and his goal of holding town-hall meetings in all district counties are admirable, but the rubber will meet the road when Delgado confronts this historic conflict between the executive and legislative branches. He wants to step into government dysfunction. This is it, at its apogee.

“The government shutdown is completely irresponsible and these repeated shutdowns exemplify the dysfunction that we need to change in Washington,” Delgado said, addressing the stalemate. Nobody wants government shutdowns, and nobody wants anything like this to happen again. It’s the job of the president and Congress to work this out; in political parlance, it’s known as compromise. If Delgado wants to reach across the aisle, he had better hurry, because the abyss between two powerful antagonists is widening fast.

We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Trump is attempting to extort America. In the name of "border security" he is cynically trying to terrorize our nation and dislocate investigations into his betrayal of our national trust and his sacred oath to protect our security.

He is a traitor, a racketeer and his agenda is designed to disrupt the rule of law to escape being held to account. He needs to be impeached and indicted.

The Republicans are being blackmailed by the NRCC hack that Russia handed Trump along with the NRA bribery files. Sooner or later they'll realize that if Trump is taken down this will all evaporate.

Trump is a bully and a bluffer. It is time to take this terrorist down!! I hope Republicans will find their patriotism and courage and overcome their fear.
Last night's speech by Trump was a lie fest and travesty. It was a replay of his "American Carnage" Inauguration speech. It is by now painfully evident that Trump is feral and criminal, and concerned only with obstructing government to serve the cause of evading being held a accountable for his own treason and corruption.

Impeach, Indict, and Imprison Trump and his corrupt cadre and clan.