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Dark side revealed

July 26, 2018 05:15 am

To the editor:

The Faso campaign’s recent public “shock” over his opponent Antonio Delgado’s rap artist career once again reveals the dark side of the Congressman as well as his desperation. The Faso comments are nothing more than an old weapon employed by the enemies of an open, inclusive and free society attempting to maintain their hold on power. Their cynical umbrage of those who challenge that power is nothing more than tool to divide groups that can unite to defeat them. Trump and his ilk have been doing it for years. Growing up and living most of my life in an urban environment, I witnessed those weapons of division first hand. The mindless “white flight” in New York City in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s was triggered by real estate speculators like Trump’s father. Racial and ethnic divisions allowed an egomaniac like Rudy Giuliani to be elected mayor of New York, and help people like Trump amass fortunes.

John Faso has often used this divisive weapon to keep his position in the “ruling class.” The likes of Faso and Trump try to distract the majority of the people from the fact that they have more in common with one another than the petty differences these clowns keep pushing. They use fear, prejudice and false patriotism to keep everyday folks divided. Our job is not to run from the truth but to embrace it, and spread that truth to our fellow citizens. Antonio Delgado is an articulate, intelligent and highly motivated individual. He deserves our support as our candidate for the 19th Congressional District.

United we will elect him. When he gets elected it will be our job to hold his feet to the fire. We must make sure he works for the good of all his constituents, and does not fall into the “moneyed interests pit” where politicians like John Faso have resided all their lives.

William Mancini