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Coxsackie fire chief suspended

Barry Rausch
November 13, 2017 10:09 pm

COXSACKIE — Fire Chief Barry Rausch has been suspended by the Coxsackie Village Board for unknown reasons.

Village officials are being tight-lipped about any allegations that prompted trustees to suspend Rausch.

Rausch is a lifelong citizen of Coxsackie and 40-year veteran of the Coxsackie Fire Department, which includes D.M. Hamilton Steamer Co. No. 2 and Coxsackie Hose Co. No. 3.

Coxsackie Village Mayor Mark Evans declined to comment on why Rausch was suspended. “The village does not comment on any ongoing personnel matters,” Evans said.

Village Trustee Donald Daoust said he doesn’t know why Rausch was suspended because he had been out of town on vacation when the meeting at which the suspension was handed down.

Daoust said the decision was made during an executive session at that meeting.

Coxsackie Transport owner Wayne Parks, a former village trustee, said Rausch hasn’t received an official notice of his suspension.

Parks said he believes Rausch’s suspension was politically motivated because of comments he made about potential firefighting issues at the proposed UMH housing development.

“There’s a lot of things the mayor has been doing that I don’t agree with,” Parks said. “He acts like the ruler of the board, making decisions up on his own — it doesn’t seem right that he should be able to do this.”

Parks pointed out Daoust’s absence, saying the board planned to make the decision about Rausch during his scheduled vacation.

Daoust was a firefighter in the village for more than 50 years and would have been an influential voice in the decision about the fire chief, Parks said.

“The village board didn’t put him [Rausch] in this position — the fire department elected him in,” Parks said. “I don’t think this was even brought to the attention of the fire department.”

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It appears this Mayor is not performing his duties in the best interest of the community but instead for his own personal agenda. It's time to hold him accountable and re-elect a new mayor!
And this is news worthy how ?? What ah waste of space. Yous suspend a fire chief and everyone seems tight lipped. Go figure eh ? Very disrespectful actions taken at of all people, the fire chief. Is their any shame in you guys ?
Pretty cowardly in my opinion. Has anyone ever heard of a person do process ? I guess it's much easier to just rush off and presume guilt these days.
What stinks even more is the fact, whom ever had the the authority to just up and suspend Mr. Rausch while away on vacation.
Seems as a certain person up in, Coxsackie has let power go straight to ware he sits on. You might better keep the thought of Karma in the back of your head while your at it. Ya know " what comes around, goes around. "