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Columbia-Greene pulls the plug on women’s season

November 13, 2018 03:04 pm

A year after the Columbia-Greene Women’s Basketball team reached the Region III Championship, led by the Region III Player of the Year, their season has swiftly come to a close due to a brawl that took place on Sunday in their home game against Schenectady Community College.

“We anticipate that the NJCAA will impose sanctions on us for bench-clearing and spectator-involvement during Sunday’s game,” said athletic director Nick Dyer. “As such, the Women’s Basketball Team’s 2018-2019 season has been suspended.”

The unfortunate decision to cancel the season was mandated by Columbia-Greene Community College president Jim Campion.

“Small community colleges like ours seem to have ups and downs with athletic programs given the short time students are here and the regular turnovers that are expected,” he said. “We do intend to take a look at our entire athletic program to map out the best course for the future.”

The Lady Twins started the season 2-0 and won the Goldberg Classic before entering Sunday’s game against Schenectady.

With the season officially over and sanctions pending, the women’s basketball program going forward is now up in the air, but Dyer is confident that in due time they can move on from their event rebuild the program.

“Maintaining consistency among players and coaches at the Community College level is challenging, but we are up for the challenge to continue to grow and shape all aspects of the athletic program,” he said.