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Collaborative Concepts Farm Project 2017

Andre Voumard - Three Sisters Mobile.
August 10, 2017 10:08 am

GARRISON — Collaborative Concepts is all about Large Sculptural Art Works; think Storm King, but with a herd of cattle. The combination of the two makes a great interaction of animals with art.

Experimental art is encouraged. The result of combining art with animals, however, is hard to predict. It never creates repetition, only surprises and discoveries of how the two interact with each other.

Collaborative Concepts offers opportunities that afford artists the freedom to create whatever they want, whether that is creating something grand, or silly, or experimental, and it even gives them permission to fail. Throw in some fun challenges — the huge scale of the farm, weather, and “cow proofing” and the show becomes even more irresistible.

This fall the farm will be featuring experimental pieces by Chuck von Schmidt who will create “After The Thinker,” a sculpture based on Rodin’s Gates of Hell. Is this figure contemplating the profound revelations from the evening news, or is he just constipated? He leaves the viewer to decide. Storm King students’ “Inside the Box” is a large wire head inside a steel frame. New to the farm this year is Simone Kestelman’s sculpture “Airplane in a Cage,” from her Invisible Series, replicates different children’s toys. It’s a commentary on the importance of childhood and the impact even simple toys have on a child’s experience. Kestelman has shown all over the world raising awareness of violence on children and women. There are also the contemplative pieces “The Guardian” by Chris Plaisted and “Three Sisters” mobile by Andre Voumard, new to the farm this year. A defining element for all artists to consider is the cows themselves. Each year there is an artist who will pay homage to the cows. Conrad Levenson’s “Grazing Cultivores” brings humor with his steel skeletal cattle grazing under the trees.

Sculpture, performance art, theater and other cultural presentations are part of the Saunders Farm Opening and Mid-Run Receptions.

Visitors venture back into history just to arrive at this 18th -century farm, located on the Old Albany Post Road. Still a dirt road, the post road was the original route linking New York City to Albany during the colonial period. The pastoral setting allows a new type of art experience, interacting with works of art in a timeless, bucolic setting. Saunders Farm also provides a conservation easement for walkers.

Collaborative Concepts, a not-for-profit, non-membership organization of professional artists, brings together sculpture and installations by more than 50+ participants on the rolling fields of the 140-acre Saunders’ Farm in Garrison, Putnam County. The exhibition presents local, regional, New York City and international artists. Visitors are treated to pure fun as they navigate cows, horses, and engaging art to experience peace and joy in this Hudson Valley rural farmland.

Visitors are welcome to the Opening Reception on Sept. 2 and a Mid-Run Reception on Sept. 23. All events at the farm are free, with refreshments and entertainment. An Opening Reception Program of Music & Performance Art from 2-6 p.m. in the fields and music on the stage from 3:30-6 p.m. The Mid-Run Reception is a program of music and dance on our stage with seating, also from 2-5 p.m. Bring a picnic and blanket. Visitors are also encouraged to visit any day of the week as the autumn colors change the backdrop of the art. Sculptures and Installations will be on view 10 a.m.-dusk Sept. 2 through Oct. 28. Free admission. Saunders Farm is located at 853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison. For information,; 845-528-1797.