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Climate change worrisome to say the least

November 30, 2018 05:04 pm

To the editor:

Every day we read something new and worrisome about climate change — extreme weather events, global warming — and how these changes threaten our economy and our health. We hear this from international studies and from our own government’s studies.

But what to do? Why isn’t there any legislation supported by Republicans and Democrats that will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also strengthen our economy?

Now there is. A group of congressmen has just introduced Bill #7173, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This bill is good for the economy and good for people. It is effective, and it is sponsored by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress. It also is revenue neutral, meaning the money raised does not go to and grow the government.

The bill would charge a fee on fossil fuels and return 100 percent of net revenues to American households as a monthly dividend. Over 10 years, this would result in 2.1 million jobs and 33 percent less carbon emissions, and over 20 years, a $1.3 trillion increase in GDP and 130,000 lives saved because of better air quality.

This is a real breakthrough: an effective, bipartisan step toward solving the problem of climate change: worth knowing about, and worth telling your own member of Congress to support.

Bruce Frishkoff