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Climate change

April 10, 2019 12:01 am

To the editor:

Climate change is real. Science tells us that 13,000 years ago there was an ice sheet 1,000 feet thick right where you’re sitting reading this letter. It was called the ice age. The polar cap stretched all the way down to New York City. It is no longer there. What happened to it? IT MELTED! What caused it to melt? IT certainly wasn’t the burning of fossil fuels. It’s a long term warming of the planet. There are dozens of ancient villages around the coastlines of the world that are now under water. The rising sea level is nothing new. It’s been rising for thousands of years. Once again the democrats have taken a small piece of the picture and claim it’s the whole picture. Any attempt to stop or slow down the warming is a waste of time and money. It’s contrary to the natural evolution of the earth. It’s all a scam designed to gain political control of the American energy industry. The only existential threat here is to American freedom! All these science deniers should be voted out of office before it’s too late.

Gloria G. Waters


Yes, climate change is real (not a theory) and it has been happening since the Earth was first formed. What the author does not understand is that number 1 it is not a political issue; it is a survival issue and number 2 is the speed and magnitude of the changes that are quite different then the examples she gives. Yes, it is true that the Earth was in an ice age many thousands of years ago and that was not the only one, and yes, it is true that it melted due to global temperature rises, but the difference now is the speed that this warming is taking place. What has taken place in the past took place over thousands of years, what is taking place today is happening over decades. The science shows how it is correlated directly to the increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere in the past 150+/- years since we have been burning fossil fuels. The changes in the past gave life on Earth time to adapt, now we are faced with possible catastrophic extinctions because of the rapid changes.
No this is not a political issue; it is an issue of urgency. We had better change are archaic ways of burning fossil fuels and move to new clean energy technologies while we still have a chance. If you want to vote out the science deniers, start with those in office that are more concerned with the Coal, Oil and Gas industries and lining their pockets with the money from those old industries than the future of our children and grandchildren. Change can be a very good thing for us all including the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the money we put in our pockets.
So, don’t take a bow, educate yourself about the real science.