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Catskill may extend water line to Cairo

August 12, 2017 12:13 am

CATSKILL — Trustees are discussing the feasibility of extending the village water line to Cairo.

An extension could provide service to several mobile home parks off Route 23B and also save water that the village is forced to flush out each week, trustees said at the regular village board meeting Wednesday.

“Where the line ends, there’s an awful lot of gallons we’re wasting just to bring in fresh water,” said Trustee Joseph Kozloski. “If the water line got extended, it would help keep line water fresh.”

In addition to several gallons of water being wasted each week — the village also needs to pay for treating the water that they have to dump out, Kozloski said.

Three mobile home parks have been targeted by the village for possible water service. The mobile home parks are tapping water from underground wells.

“To extend to the closest mobile home park would cost around $10,000. It hasn’t been determined to go farther than that yet,” Kozloski said Thursday.

Kozloski said the Catskill Village Board has to meet with the Cairo Town Board to discuss the logistics of a line extension.

“The people could use it,” Kozloski said. “If we could get money for the water we’re basically dumping on the ground — it’s a win-win.”

The project wouldn’t be expensive and the village could get its money back from the project within a year or two, Kozloski said.

“It’s all based on chlorine residual,” Water and Wastewater Superintendent Patrick Nolan said. “We have to move the water. Otherwise the water would become stagnant on that line.”

If the water sits, its chlorine levels will rise, Nolan said.

The village has to flush a hydrant for 24 hours once a week to keep the chlorine levels from rising to unacceptable range, according to officials.

“That line presently is a dead end,” Nolan said. “If they extended the water line, we wouldn’t have to flush anything because we’d have users.”

“It wouldn’t only be beneficial to them — but beneficial to the village, too,” Trustee Heather Bagshaw said. “It would have to be a mutual municipality discussion.”

The village flushes the water where there’s drainage — not in places where it could cause any harm, Bagshaw said.

“We’re going to send a letter to Cairo to let them know that we are interested in getting that access.”

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