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Catskill man hit with multiple felony gun charges

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    Hudson Police recovered three guns and more than $3,000 near North 6th Street on Saturday.
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    Contributed photoSandy Samuels
July 16, 2019 05:31 pm

HUDSON — In a scene straight out of an old Western, an alleged confrontation during a card game led to weapons charges against a Greene County man after police say he pulled out a handgun and pointed it at another man.

Sandy K. Samuels, 58, of Catskill, was charged Saturday with three counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class C felony; second-degree criminal use of a firearm, a class C felony; and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, a class E felony, according to a statement issued by the Hudson Police Department.

Samuels pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Hudson City Court on Saturday. City Judge John Connor sent Samuels to Columbia County Jail on $7,500 bail.

Samuels appeared in city court on Tuesday but his case was adjourned until Aug. 27.

The incident at a home on North 6th Street was reported to police at 2:30 a.m. Saturday, according to police.

At some point during the game, Samuels and another man started arguing and that’s when Samuels allegedly took out the loaded gun and pointed it at the man. The alleged victim called the police.

Samuels told police he had been playing cards with the man, but no evidence of his claim was found, police said.

Police Chief L. Edward Moore said he did not know what the fight between the two men was about.

Samuels was taken into custody at the scene, police said.

Two handguns were tossed over a fence in a paper bag, Moore said. A third handgun was found next to the bag. All the guns were loaded and capable of firing, police said. Ammunition, a gun holster, and more than $3,200 in cash were also found by officers at the scene.

“I credit the uniformed officers for interceding so quickly and detectives’ thoroughness in finding the guns that were obviously tossed in a hurry,” Moore said.

One of the handguns was reported stolen, another was reported missing or lost and the origin of the third gun remains under investigation, police said.

Hudson police were assisted by the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department.

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