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Catskill’s future is in the arts while honoring her past

March 6, 2019 12:11 am Updated: March 6, 2019 12:11 am

To The editor:

Owing to its unique associations with Thomas Cole and Frederick Church and their prominence in the founding of the Hudson River School of Art — with Palenville being America’s first artist colony — with the Lumberyard performing arts facility being launched — with the Foreland project nearing completion — with the Skywalk set to go connecting Cole’s Cedar Grove with Church’s Olana, etc., it is clear that the Village of Catskill should focus on its obvious future with the arts while honoring Rip Van Winkle — the legend that made the Catskill Mountains world famous as a Land of Enchantment. With creative leadership, Catskill Village has the potential to become a mecca — a destination for the arts and their admirers. Besides the natural assets and beguiling beauty of this and surrounding areas, the Village of Catskill should be teeming with art and sculpture to draw the world’s attention once again. Her future, cultural and economic development should begin in part by sprucing-up ol’ Rip, the dreary-looking wood carving standing at the top of Main Street. He deserves to stay at his post but he needs a colorful make-over — his present dark and dismal appearance is not the way to welcome visitors to an artsy village looking to improve itself and its arts-attracting image. Welcome back to the future, Catskill Village, wake up Rip [with a coat of paint], promote the arts, install eye-catching sculpture wherever possible, and forget the marketing agency and its unnecessary fees to confirm your obvious future in the arts!

Kevin Vincent Kelly