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Cancer Kickin’ Warrior: Cancer-you are what you drink!

November 25, 2019 11:59 am Updated: November 25, 2019 12:07 pm


Dear Warriors,

When we talk about the causes of cancer, we tend to point to the obvious; smoking, obesity, hereditary, etc. There is however, another culprit we have to look at, one that is right under our nose or should I say faucet-drinking water!

Arsenic is a poison that can seep into ground water and surface water through surface runoff containing contaminated soil or other organic compounds. It causes many problems and signs of illness in people who are exposed to it and eventually leads to death if not treated appropriately. Arsenic poisoning through water is sometimes called chronic arsenic poisoning and is recognized when a person begins consuming 0.01 mg/L of arsenic in their drinking water.

Arsenic poisoning, especially chronic arsenic poisoning, has been linked to several types of cancer. These cancers include: Skin cancer; Lung cancer; Kidney cancer; Bladder cancer.

According to Environmental Health perspectives (EPA), the use of chlorine for water treatment to reduce the risk of infectious disease may account for a substantial portion of the cancer risk associated with drinking water. The by-products of chlorination are associated with increased risk of bladder and rectal cancer, possibly accounting for 5000 cases of bladder cancer and 8000 cases of rectal cancer per year in the United States. Fluoridation of water has received great scrutiny but appears to pose little or no cancer risk. Further research is needed to identify and quantify risks posed by contaminants from drinking-water distribution pipes, linings, joints, and fixtures and by biologically active micro pollutants, such as microbial agents. We need more cost-effective methods for monitoring drinking-water quality and further research on interventions to minimize cancer risks from drinking water.

The disposal of industrial and agricultural waste in local bodies of water causes the crops to be exposed to water with small amounts of arsenic, mercury and lead. The process of agricultural pollution becomes harder to fight when such water poisons livestock and causes crop failure.

The Trump Administration has rolled back Obama-era clean water regulations that had limited the amount of pollution and chemicals in our nation’s bodies of water, all in the name of money! You don’t have to be a “tree hugging activist” to know that this is dangerous. Water is undeniably our main source for survival.

When I pointed this out to a small group I talked to, one of the people attending said, “Well we all have to die of something”! Warriors, this outlandish statement may be true; but death from cancer can be a slow, agonizing and unbearably painful death.

Pay attention to agricultural or manufacturing plants that feed into your rivers and ocean. Research them. Start off by going to the below website.

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