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Camphill Foundation Board approves more than $200,000 in grants, $160,000 in loans for 2018

April 4, 2018 11:40 am

CHESTNUT RIDGE — Camphill Foundation announced that its board has approved two low-interest loans and 13 grants to be awarded to Camphill communities, affiliates, and organizations in 2018.

The following grants will provide $207,500 for upgrades, investments, and acquisitions aligned with Camphill Foundation’s three strategic granting priorities: capital needs; capacity-building initiatives; and professional education, development, and training.

Capital Needs:

Raphael Village (New Orleans, LA) will be awarded $50,000 in contribution to its capital campaign for construction of a community center.

Triform Camphill (Hudson) will receive $27,500 to fund the addition of a deck, mudroom, and restroom to its pottery studio space.

Camphill Village Kimberton (Kimberton, Penn.) will receive $27,500 for construction of a new residential space to house retired coworkers.

Camphill Svetlana (Russia) will be awarded $20,000 to purchase new hay baling equipment for its farm.

Camphill Communities California (Soquel, CA) will be awarded $12,000 to purchase a walk-in refrigerated cooler to store weekly food donations from local farms.

Camphill Hermanus (South Africa) will receive $10,000 to support urgent renovations of its school building.

Pahkla Camphill Village (Estonia) will receive $10,000 to fund an electrical upgrade in the community’s hay barn.

Capacity Building:

Camphill Soltane (Phoenixville, PA) will receive $15,000 to fund first-year operating costs for a new Community Arts Phoenixville enterprise.

Plowshare Farm (Greenfield, NH) will receive $15,000 for development office resources, including salary support.

Heartbeet Lifesharing (Hardwick, VT) will receive $5,000 for training for coworkers to receive Council on Quality and Leadership recommended training in nonviolent crisis intervention.

Camphill Ghent (Chatham) will receive $3,000 to fund professional development and coaching for fundraising and leadership staff.

Camphill Correspondence (United Kingdom) will be awarded $2,500 to cover start-up costs associated with transitioning the publication from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Coworker Training

Camphill Association of North America will receive $10,000 to fund travel to Germany for a delegation of coworkers and villagers to participate in the Whitsun Festival, a major international Camphill conference.

Low-Interest Loans

Camphill Ghent (Chatham) will receive a $150,000 loan to finance the renovation of additional independent living units in its eldercare lifesharing community.

Camphill Soltane (Phoenixville, PA) will receive a $10,000 loan to supplement funding for first-year operating costs for a new Community Arts Phoenixville enterprise.

“Camphill Foundation is charged with growing, strengthening, and safeguarding the Camphill movement,” said Shelley Burtt, Executive Director of Camphill Foundation.

“We are proud to fulfill this mission by awarding grants and low-interest loans that will expand Camphill’s capacity to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and support the acquisition of needed space, equipment, and resources for lifesharing communities.”

Since 1966, Camphill Foundation has provided over $9 million in strategic grants low-interest loans to Camphill communities.

Camphill Foundation’s grantmaking program is funded by donor appeals, as well as the Camphill Foundation Annual Gala held each May.

Camphill Foundation accepts grant requests only from existing Camphill communities and affiliates. Priority is given to Camphill organizations in North America, though special consideration is afforded to communities in high-need areas of the world. Visit for details about Camphill Foundation’s grantmaking program.