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Brady owns Jets (briefly)

July 27, 2017 04:34 pm

Google pointed out what every New York Jets fan has known for years on Thursday — that Tom Brady has owned the team for a long time.

As first reported by WEEI, when searching “New York Jets Owner” on Google early today, a photo of Tom Brady showed up for a time. It’s now been taken down.

The Jets, who are actually owned by Woody Johnson, have been regularly taken to school by Brady. The New England Patriots quarterback has beaten the Jets 24 times. The only team that he’s beaten more is the Buffalo Bills (26 times).

Johnson has been reinstated as the rightful owner of the Jets on Google and if Brady wants to pull the strings in the front office of the team instead of just on the field, he would have to shell out roughly $3 Billion. Johnson paid $635 Million in 2000, but Forbes valued the team at $2.75 Billion in 2016.