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A better, more constructive choice

October 21, 2019 12:06 pm

To the editor:

Why would we support a candidate for Common Council president who takes a stand, as has the incumbent, Tom DePietro, not to vote on any measure, law or resolution, before the Council? That’s how he sees his role, even though the City Charter grants him an equal vote with all Aldermen. He argues, instead, that his job is to be the presiding officer, to maintain impartiality and keep the Council running effectively, but who frequently abandons that pledge when it is politically expedient. Witness the erratic number of times he voted where no tie break was needed. His record is most notable for a lack of initiative or legislative accomplishment. His voice is silent in critical public budgetary cost-saving discussions. His prideful accomplishments are demonstrably these: the dissolution of the Hudson Development Corporation and his abandonment of a fair evaluation of its waterfront housing and small business project; his neutering of the Tourism Board after that citizen-led group dedicated a year’s work addressing its responsibility, in law, to improve tourism’s contribution to Hudson’s bottom line; and his derelict stewardship of a critical Council meeting that became so chaotic he angrily stomped off after calling a recess, then, even more angrily, nearly pushed a former Alderman down a flight of stairs resulting in the Council president’s arrest and subsequent court mandate that he undergo anger management treatment. For the record, that former Alderman was singularly responsible for the lodging tax that yielded $715,000 in new revenue since 2017 and is estimated to bring in $340,000 next year.

Why would we mark our ballots to affirm two years of misguided, unconstructive leadership when we have a better choice. Rob Bujan brings a thirty-year resume built, most recently, on establishing his insurance business in Hudson where he employs eight skilled workers. He served in the military; instituted cost saving measures as chair of the Council’s finance committee, and is widely acknowledged in Hudson for his personal involvement and financial support of a number of City’s social, cultural and youth programs. Hudson would be much, much better served if we elect Rob Bujan Council president.

Don Moore served as Common Council president from 2010 to 2016.