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Bailey: Gym snafu only affects practice courts, not main court

August 23, 2018 12:09 am

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK — The errors in striping the courts at the new RCS High School gym only impact the practice courts, not the main court where official games are played, according to District Superintendent Dr. Brian Bailey.

Bailey wanted to clarify a report in a recent issue of the Ravena News-Herald that the mistake in striping the court would impact play at the high school. That is incorrect, Bailey said in an interview.

“The regulation court where play takes place is exactly what it needs to be,” Bailey said. “It is only the practice courts that are affected.”

The issue stems from the RCS Board of Education meeting earlier this month where Ed Anker from CSArch, the company overseeing the multi-year construction project in the district, explained that striping at the courts was about 10 feet too short.

A regulation court is supposed to be 84 feet long, but the practice courts were striped at only 74 feet, 4 inches.

But Bailey clarified that that only applies to the two practice courts that run perpendicular to the main court, and will not impact play for RCS teams.

In fact, Bailey said, there are likely many schools in the Capital Region that do not have full-length practice courts.

The reason for wanting practice courts that are the same measurements as the main court is to give players the opportunity to practice on a court that is the same size as the court where they will play their games.

“We want practice courts that are the same length as the full-length court so when kids practice they get the same level of exercise and experience as they would on a full court,” Bailey said.

With the capital project, a completely new gym is being built to replace the old one. The new gym will be located between the high school library and the bus garage.

The mistakes in striping the practice courts will not impact the teams’ ability to play on the main court, Bailey stressed.

The problem on the practice courts, however, will still need to be fixed.

The company that did the striping will have to re-do it, but that will not happen prior to the start of school because the company will not be available, Anker told the board at its early August meeting.

There are also issues with the softball field, which will not be fixed in time for the spring softball season.

Sod and grass will not be ready for the softball season, and there are challenges in getting a water supply to the field to make that happen. At this point it is unclear where the softball team might play out its upcoming season.

The hope is that the field at Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary School will be available, but that is unclear at this time. The field at the elementary school has problems of its own, with regard to the drainage of stormwater.

The issue may be resolved in time, but it is still “up in the air” as to whether teams will be able to utilize that field in the spring, Bailey said.

For the spring 2018 season, the district rented a field in Bethlehem and transported athletes there.