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Audition for Student Film in Columbia County

April 11, 2019 07:19 am

Production Title: Confronting God

Shooting Location: Columbia County

Production Dates: June 13th-June 16th

Film Type: Festival Eligible Student Film (Columbia University MFA Film Program)

Length: 8-12 Minutes

Film Summary:

Setting: 1982, Small Town, US

Plot: A mayor of a small town and his wife have just discovered he is dying of AIDS. As the wife copes the grief of losing her husband, she also struggles with questioning her husband’s faithfulness in their marriage based upon the media’s portrayal of AIDS being a “homosexual disease”.

Message: My goal of this film is to highlight the influence that media has on intuition and morality, which is an important theme of America and the world today.

Roles Auditioning:

GREG- Lead

Father, Husband, Town Mayor

Mid-30s to Late 40s, Skinny due to illness

Action oriented, passive in verbiage, Ethical & Moral, loving husband and father, kind, caring


Wife, Mother

Mid-30s to Late 40s, Conservative in physical attributes

Emotionally volatile in the story, Down to Earth, loves her husband and son

Johnny (Name will be changed based on who is casted)

Daughter/Son/Only Child

Between 8 and 11

Hyper, Adventurous, Intuitive, Caring

HARRY – Day Player

New town Political Figure – appointed to have Greg Resign

Early 30s to Late 40s, Handsome, Tall

Politically Respectful, ambiguous


-I will be scheduling auditions based on responses for either the weekend of 4/12 to 4/14 or 4/19 to 4/21

-I am also open to video Auditions!