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Assisted suicide

June 4, 2019 11:30 am

To the editor:

I would like to express my concern with the proposed legislation on Assisted Suicide currently in Committee in Albany.

The definition of “terminal illness” is sufficiently vague as to include most people who are dependent on drugs to live, for example a diabetic.

There is no requirement for counseling upon request for death, surely this would be an obvious assistance offered to someone in distress.

The patient need only a diagnosis and two witnesses who are not required to know the patient. Upon receiving the killing drugs there is no oversight on how, when or where they are administered. The potential for abuse is obvious for example in the case of a family member who stands to inherit and may be one of the “witnesses.”

In states where it is legal, they are considering extending the “opportunity” from those with terminal diagnoses of 6 months to include those with a 12 month diagnosis. Must be popular.

In two states, California and Oregon, some insurance companies are denying costly drugs but will gladly pay for Assisted Suicide.

Also, doctors are REQUIRED TO LIE about the cause of suicide on the death certificate, stating the underlying illness as cause, instead of killing drugs. This will make it nearly impossible to monitor for abuse.

Is this Compassion?

Noelle Ryan