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Ashland Speaks: Trips are fleeting, but the memories last a lifetime

April 11, 2018 11:42 am Updated: April 11, 2018 12:04 pm

What a week! As I look around, I notice the spring flowers really want to start, but the snow just won’t let them do anything.

There’s so much to clean up after the tremendous winds we’ve been having, I wish it would warm up, and dry up, enough to get it done. I have the winter blues, but the itch to start spring cleaning. Maybe this weekend?

Many attended the Ecumenical held at Jewett Presbyterian Church on Tuesday to hear the pastor from Teen Challenge — a rehab program for young people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Because the Ladies Guild of St. Theresa hosted the Stations of the Cross in March, the September date for Ecumenical is open. If your parish has not taken part in this gathering, and wants to, please let me know and call me at 518-734-5360. Next month’s ecumenical is being hosted by Lexington UMC on May 1.

Don’t forget to vote April 24. We need representation in Albany since Pete Lopez went on to bigger and better things.

Chuck Bennett, of Maine and Florida, recently visited the Shoemakers in Westkill on his journey north. All is well.

Mark your calendars for the Mountaintop Opioid Prevention and Recovery Forum — a Film and Panel Discussion being held at 6 p.m. May 16 at the Windham Civic Center, 5379 State Highway 23, Windham. Join the effort to combat the opioid crisis here on the Mountaintop. Educate, inspire, take action. Learn what you can do to help!

For more more information, contact: or Narcan training after the forum at 8:15 p.m. — please call or email Jonathan if interested or call 914-523-3766.

Sorry we had to cancel the Golden Age meeting Monday due to snow. The next one will be April 16, which is the social meeting. Ken Brooks, of Greene County Human Resources, will be the guest speaker along with information on the Mountaintop Bus transportation to Catskill. All are welcome.

Paul and Joan Mead had a welcome visit from their son, Paul, who spent a week with them in Carolina. (I never remember whether North or South).

Jewett, welcome Josh Holdridge and family to the Thompson Homestead, and congrats to Jessica and Jim Franz on their new home.

Heard from Roy Davis about my blurb last week:

“It’s Roy Davis here in chilly Latham, New York!

Just wanted to say hi and I was reading your article in The Daily Mail and want to thank you for your mention of my book “Crest Park.” Currently, I’m working on converting the book to an ebook format so it is more available. The paper book is currently out-of-print, but I have noticed there are many available on eBay or Amazon.

Also, not sure if you were aware, but I also wrote another book “Around Windham,” which is currently published by Arcadia Publishers. The historical series Arcadia prints on towns and cities across the US are comprised of old pictures and captions.

These are the brown, sepia-colored covers you see on display at Barnes and Nobles and they always have at least one copy of “Around Windham” on the shelf.

Hope all of you are doing well. I miss Windham immensely.

Take care and think spring! — Roy Davis”


Sympathy to the family of Richard (Dick) Lawrence, brother of Jerry, from Hunter, who passed away this week.

Condolences to the family of Neil Christian who grew up in Jewett. Neil was the son of Connie and Evelyn, brother to Barbara and Cathy. Neil was playing golf in Myrtle Beach when he passed.

Much sympathy to Ron McGlashen on the passing of his wife, Mary.

Happy birthday wishes to Craig Benjamin, Ed Armstrong, and a special 75th greeting to Clarence Soule.

Get healthy, Ed Zimmerman. Prayers for Jimmy Spanhake. Continued prayers for Larry Partridge.

Hilde Maxwell, Leona Knox and Marie Simplenderfer are in the Pines and would appreciate prayers and visits.

Anyone going to Robinson Terrace could visit with Frank Pelkey, Peg Sokoll and Gladys VanValkenberg.

Wally Thompson hopes to be home soon from the Meadows.


April 14: Ashland Historical Association all-you-can-eat breakfast at Ashland Town Hall (fire house)

April 22: Penny Social, Saugerties Coumbiettes at noon

April 27 and 28: Jewett Presbyterian Church Rummage Sale

April 28: Roast Beef dinner at the Ashland Fire Department from 5 to 7 p.m.

April 29: Scavenger hunt at Windham Park, Windham Hensonville United Methodist Church

May 1: Ecumenical in Lexington United Methodist Church

May 12: Chinese Auction benefit WAJPL Golden Age Club at Ashland Town Hall (fire house)

May 16: Opioid Prevention and Recovery Forum at Windham Civic Center, 6 p.m.

May 31: WAJPL Spring Luncheon at Thompson House, 1 p.m.


The news this week reports the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., are in full bloom. Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms?

In 1948, it was a policy the senior class of WAJ, would go to Washington on Easter break. Now, this was not an easy task back then, as there were no easily accessible commercial buses or planes.

The school provided a bus to take us to Catskill where we caught the train. At the time, the train station was on Route 9W. It is now a tire store. We spent all day getting to D.C.

At this time, I was 16 years old. I worked two afternoons from 4 to 7 p.m. after school and half a day on Saturdays at the telephone office on Main Street. I made about $15 a week.

I saved all I could as my parents had no money to pay for my trip, besides, my sister, Florence, was in the same class, also. We had to buy all new clothes, since what we had was not appropriate for “city dressing.” We had to pay for the hotel. The school had very little money, classes didn’t have fundraisers for trips, as they do now. There were no local businesses that sponsored us. All expenses were paid for by the traveler.

Most of us had never been so far from home, or family, or had ever stayed in a hotel. We had five days in Washington to see all of the points of interest. We were so tired at night, we had our first week of meals in a restaurant. We weren’t so tired, though, that we didn’t have a week-long pajama party in our rooms.

Oh yes, we worked so hard, so long. We planned, shopped and schemed. A week later, we are home and it was like it never happened.

Except for the memories. Classmates and friends forever.

Have a great week! Lula

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