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Ashland Speaks: Stop and smell the roses... and eat an ice cream

July 10, 2019 11:38 am Updated: July 10, 2019 11:48 am


When it rains, it pours! Remember hearing that expression while you were growing up? We always think of the girl on the salt box pouring the salt with her umbrella, but this week the expression lived up to its reputation. No matter what went wrong, it went wrong in triplicate. I feared calling anyone as I didn’t want to hear any more bad news. Nothing very serious, only annoying incidents. Flat tires, someone backed into the vestibule of the Jewett Post Office (after having backed into the flag pole the week before). You know the stories; let’s hope this week brings better tidings.

Did you have a great 4th of July? I had a very successful day; sold completely out of my pies. Had many old friends stop by to say “Hello.” It didn’t seem as crowded as in the past, but who was out, had cash in hand, and were buying. Maybe the smaller crowd encouraged people to stop and look, rather than feel they were blocking foot traffic. Thanks to all who stopped by. Did you see Sparky and his plane, a replica of the one he flew in the war?

The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. Yes, the winner of the commercial trophy was Absolute Towing for its display of tow trucks. The size of them are unbelievable. Such a difference from the trucks of my past with a winch and hook on the end. The Fire Departments outdid themselves with their polished rigs. I think I liked that the companies were interspersed rather than each unit by themselves. It shows that there is a working relationship between the local fire departments, and if you need help, they will all be willing to band together to help you out. It was great to see a Cub Scout unit in the parade. Scouts are a basic in teaching both boys and girls how to survive. We have a tendency to classify scouts as goody two shoes, when they are being taught how to do things on their own, and to survive in the world, along with Reverence to God, country and family.

Wally Thompson (Fred to some), would like to say “Thank You” to all who attended or sent cards for Maria’s Memorial Service. About 100 came to the home of Glen and Margarete for the service. Wally was very happy as he spent the day with family. He is not able to write to everyone and personally thank them for their love and concern, so he asked me to convey the message to all.

Don’t forget to go to the Big Sale in Ashland starting this Friday. We have many special items: furniture, dishes, little girls clothing, handbags, Christmas items, gift items. Please drop in, look for the blowup Christmas ornaments on the Ashland Church lawn to guide you in. As I unearth many treasures on my front porch, I am bringing them down to sell. Everyday I add more to the inventory. Come, help me out, I need to get back to my porch, and I’m sure you will find something that you absolutely love. The sale will be both outside and in, so come visit. Ashland Community Church, Route 23, Ashland.

Hope Restoration Christian Fellowship held their first Tent Meeting last Sunday, with speaker Pastor Charlie Sweet. No strangers to Windham, Charlie and Sharon Sweet have been to Hope Restoration Church many times ministering to the congregation both prophetically and in the healing realm. They are also highly sought after by churches throughout the USA and Canada and travel extensively sharing the Word of God and ministering in the prophetic.

Hope Restoration Christian Fellowship will also have 4 Friday Family Game Night under the tent behind our building. Free pizza and games — board games, word games, corn hole, kan jam and more! Or bring your favorite game! Mark your calendars for the following dates: July 12 and 26, and Aug. 9 and 23. Everyone is invited.


Sympathy to the family of Lois Rockafeller.

Clarence Soule wishes to thank everyone for the prayers and good wishes that have been sent his way. His last tests were excellent! Please, continue to pray. Clarence added, “Praise the Lord,” He has helped me through you.

Prayers and healing wishes to Lawrence Lamanec, John LoPresti, John Grinnell, Barbara Mead, and Hattie.

Sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Mary Beth Johnston. Her mother, Jeanie Scotti and partner run the Dog Spot in Ashland.


July 12-13 Big Sale at Ashland UMC.

July 14 Service at North Settlement church.

July 19 East Jewett UMC Ice Cream Social & Bake Sale 3-7 p.m. with freewill Spaghetti Dinner 5:30 p.m.

Aug. 10 Patchworkers Quilt Show 10 a.m.-4 p.m. WAJ.

Aug. 10 Brooks Chicken BBQ Jewett Fire Dept.

Aug. 11 Patchworkers Quilt Show 11 a.m.-3 p.m. WAJ.

Aug. 17 Womens’ Expo St. Theresa’s RC Church hall.

Aug. 16 Golf Tournament to benefit Westchester Burn Unit Windham CC.

Aug.18 Service at North Settlement Church.

Aug. 24 Rip’s Country Bazaar Haines Falls.

Sept. 22 Catskill Glee Club concert benefit Ashland UMC. Center Church Windham.

Please help me advertise your activity by emailing me at or calling 518-734-5360.


While sitting at my craft table over the Fourth of July, a couple came by asking direction to an Ice Cream store. They weren’t looking for an ice cream, as much as they were looking for a place to sit down and be cool. I thought, and realized that there was no such place to go anymore, which got me thinking about the old fashioned drug store that always had a soda fountain. In Windham, it was Avery’s, where Prime Steak House in now located. Hensonville had Dunhams, Harry Schuman (and his sister, Clara, whom we all knew as WAJ’s kindergarten teacher) had the apothecary and fountain in Hunter. And Ethel Sutton had a parlor in Prattsville.

Each establishment had a counter where the “soda Jerk” would dip into the freezer and concoct the most wonderful ice cream creations. A banana split, an egg cream (with no eggs), a malted. You didn’t have to sit at the counter, but could relax at a table with your friends; usually a small round table with 2-4 chairs, where you could sit back and enjoy your cold treat.

When Rose Hudecek started dating Marty, back in the late ‘30s, they would go out to an ice cream parlor. Rose would peruse the menu, reading each and every entry, then order a pineapple sundae. Marty would usually have a dish of vanilla. After several dates, he asked why she just didn’t order a pineapple sundae when they got there? She said she always thought she might want something different, but nothing else appealed to her. To this day, her son-in-law knows that he better bring her nothing but a pineapple sundae.

When Stewart’s first opened their shops, the main attraction was their ice cream sundae bar. You would go in and get a dish of ice cream and get to make your own sundae with the vast array of toppings there. Then, you’d go to a booth and relax and enjoy. Are there any booths left in a Stewart’s?

Remember the Sugar Bowl? The Chat and Chew? A great loss to my stretch of the road is no more Ron’s Dairy Bar. We could go and order, then sit at his tables and watch the cows graze in the fields, see the haze descending from the mountains, and just be at peace. Grabbing a quick cone of soft ice cream is still a wonderful thing, but sharing with someone is special.

We need to take the time to smell the roses. Especially with a hot fudge sundae for me, and a banana split for my friend, then, taking turns tasting each others’.