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Ashland Speaks: Good times and many memories

January 9, 2019 12:42 pm Updated: January 9, 2019 01:02 pm


Welcome to January. We’re still waiting for “The BIG One,” but at least it’s been cold enough to make snow. The big complaint from the local restaurants was “too crowded.” Service was slow, food supplies were running low, wait staff was kept hopping, people had to wait on lines. My wish for the season is to have many more days like this.

Whether you’re for or agin, Dollar General has finally found Windham! Could this possibly be the precursor to new businesses on the Mountain Top? Along with the new ownership of the Mountain, could this be a sign of future prosperity? Let’s wait and see.

June and Mike Boyle from Jewett spent Christmas in San Diego, California with their son, Adam, and two of their grandsons, Jack - 13, and Alex - 21. They had lots of fun and saw some amazing sunsets. The flight home was cancelled, so they had to fly home from Los Angeles the next day. Mike celebrated his 87th birthday on Dec. 28.

With the ups and downs in the weather, it’s hard to take care of animals, especially when you have them in separate locations like Bruce and Roberta Banks. They’re always on the road between Jewett and Lexington. Gotta keep the eggs from freezing.

New business in Hunter. Announcing the Stars and Stripes Kitchen located in the Hunter Village Square on Main Street. They are open for breakfast and lunch from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday through Monday. Catering available. Call 518-263-2033.

Calendars are still available from the Windham Historical Society. This year’s edition is dedicated to Richard Morse and features pictures from the local hotels and boarding houses. Back cover is the honored class of WAJ Class of ‘68. To obtain your calendar, you can send $10 to Windham Historical Society, PO Box 9111, Windham, NY 12496. For addional information, call Janet Goos 518-734-3028.

Ashland Community Church will be reviving its winter breakfasts. The first one will be 7-11 a.m. Feb. 16. Free will donation. You know that this is the BEST breakfast on the Mountain Top. All You Can Eat! The second one will be on March 16. Hope to see you all there. Come fill up and meet and greet your friends and neighbors. It’s always a fun time. Ashland Town Hall Community Center. We also are setting up our calendar for our other activities which will be Easter Breakfast and the Chicken BBQ which will be in May.

WAJPL Golden Age club has secured a date for their annual Chinese Auction. It will be held on April 13 at the Ashland Town Hall. You may donate items by bringing them to the Senior Meeting Hall in the lower level of Windham Town Hall in Hensonville, or bring them to me.

Sunday, Jackie Kayata and I gave the Message to Robinson Terrace residents. About 20 people attended our service on the Feast of the Epiphany. Many people don’t realize that this is the date that started the giving of gifts, as we commemorate the Wise Men giving gifts to the Baby Jesus, as befits a king. The residents love to listen to the stories and sing familiar songs.

Congratulations to Chris and Tiffany Chase who had a new baby several months ago.


Prayers to Maria Thompson who is now in Albany Med.

Sympathy to the family of Carl Anis who passed away recently.

Prayers to Nola Barlow who is now a resident in Robinson Terrace

Condolences to the family of Bridget (Bunny) Tompkins who passed over the weekend after a long fight.


Feb. 16 Breakfast at Ashland Town Hall benefit Ashland UMC 7-11 a.m. free will.

March 16 Breakfast at Ashland Town Hall benefit Ashland UMC 7-11 a.m. free will.

April 9 Log Cabin, Holyoke, Mass., $55, “The Legends Of Country Music.”

April 13 WAJPL Chinese Auction Ashland Town Hall.

April 28 Easter Sunday.

May 21 Chez Josef, Agawam, Mass., $60, “We’ve Only Just Begun” — The Carpenters Remembered.

June 13 Proctor’s in Schenectady, The Waitress, $75, wait list lunch at Glen Sanders Mansion.

June 18 through June 21 Gettysburg and Hershey, Penn., double occupancy, $529.

July 11 Medieval Times, Lyndhurst, NJ, dinner and tournament, $50.

Aug. 7 Dudley Observatory and Rivers Casino, $15.

Sept. 27 Brownstone, Tribute to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, $58.

To make reservations, call Mary Louise at 518-622-3397 or Vicky at 518-734-4164; mail payment to WAJPL Golden Age Club, PO Box 96, Hensonville, NY 12439-0096.


After last week’s article about Christmas and the past, I was at the Mulroony House (Connie Johnson) next to the Cave Mountain Motel. A workman asked me when the house was built. I’m sure I have told this story a lot of times, but here goes:

At the corner of North Settlement was a small yellow house — Harry Steele and Frances. He sold insurance, she gave music lessons. On the hill, Wakefield’s, now Wilcox, was my Great Aunt, Lucy Bump’s house. The small house, which is now the office of the Cave Mountain Motel, was our home and all siblings were born there. Next door was the Maples Hotel, which was my Grandfather’s, Frank Holdridge who was Lucy’s brother. Then the Johnson house, built by my Grandfather in the ‘20s or ‘30s. On the other side of the road was farmland, as it is now. In the ‘40s, we moved to the other side of Johnsons, to the big house. On the hill, where Susie Tuttle lives, were 3 log cabins, for farm workers, and then for low income housing. Just a few I remember who lived there were: Bertha Johnson and Henry Enders, Charlie and Peggy Hoagland, Morgan and Gertrude Kempton. Frank and Mary Desposito, the Schaefers and Grandma W.

Most everything was built by Tommy Decker who was grandfather to Gene and Gary Coe who was Vernon Coe’s father-in-law.

What brought this up was the discussion with Dot Giordano about water baths, showers, and life in the ‘30s and ‘40s. We had good times, many memories. — Lula