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Ashland Speaks: Enjoy the days as they come, no complaining

March 13, 2019 11:34 am Updated: March 13, 2019 11:42 am


I am constantly hearing, “What has happened to spring? We never have spring anymore.” This year, we have had the perfect Spring. Temps in the 50’s one day, followed by freezing cold nights and the next day in the 30’s. Snow gives way to rain and sunshine. The wind is blowing hard, puffy clouds scuttling across the sky. If the temps rose to the 70’s, we would be hearing complaints about how winter morphs into summer. Can we please just enjoy today as it comes without complaining. If the March wind blows — Go Fly a Kite!

On Saturday we all met at the Jewett Presbyterian Church to say “Goodbye” to Bruce Maben. The church had standing room only, with many not even making it indoors. The Fellowship Hall was totally full. Many thanks to all who brought the delicious food, and for showing the love we all feel for Bruce and the Maben family.

Good news from the Green Meadows! Maria’s health has improved, she is now back to talking and eating. She and Wally are sharing a room so they can keep an eye on each other.

Delores Decker, Ellouise Cole and I went on a Wellness Check visit to the Meadows on Wednesday. We stopped in and visited with Ruth Morse, Helga Eisenlauer, Wally and Maria, and CoraLee Barlow who is doing rehab. Oh, that CoraLee! While in rehab, she has had two “gigs,” playing for birthday parties. Can’t stop that girl!

If you missed “The Music Man” you missed a wonderful example of what our schoolchildren are capable of. On Thursday night, more than 100 Senior Citizens gathered for the dress rehearsal dinner theater. Thanks to all of the restaurants who donated the bountiful feast. There was so much that I couldn’t go for seconds because my plate was so overloaded from the first trip. Looking over the donation list, I was sorry that I missed the other side of the buffet because the selection there was totally different. Thank you to Mrs. Columbo for working so hard with the actors and for making it a memorable night. Can’t wait for next year!

The snow on Sunday caused all of our local church services to be cancelled. I want to remind you all about the Ashland Church’s breakfast this Saturday from 7-11 a.m. at the Ashland Community Center (Fire House).

Hope Restoration is having a Ladies Breakfast and Bible discussion 9-11 a.m. March 23. RSVP to 518-755-3121 or 518-734-3826. Come and join us for a great morning of fellowship and food.

A Mountaintop Community Meal will be held 6:15-7:15 p.m. March 30 at St. Theresa’s Church Parish Hall, 5188 Main St., Windham. Join them for a free wholesome meal, music and friendship. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

I have someone in need of a small freezer. If you have one, please call 518-734-5360 or

On March 16, the Masons will be holding their Annual Corned Beef dinner. Take outs start at 4 p.m., seating from 5-8 p.m. $12; under 12, $6. It will be held at the Masonic Temple on Main Street Windham.


Another sad week has ended with the death of Pastor Robert Johnson, service for Bruce Maben, passing of Bernice Hoyt and Betty Jean Stinner who is the mother of Phyllis Hilles from the Mt. Top Golden Agers.

After working for Joel and Ann Berson for 35 years, it is sad to say goodbye to Ann. After many years with Parkinsons, she finally passed at her home in NYC on Saturday. Joel and Ann were married for 62 years. He says he was known as Mr. Ann Berson.


March 15 Corned Beef Sandwich lunch Windham UMC starts at 11 a.m.

March 15 Fish Fry Hensonville.

March 16 Breakfast at Ashland Town Hall benefit Ashland UMC 7-11 free will.

March 16 Corned Beef Dinner Masonic Lodge 4-8 p.m. $12.

March 22 Fish Fry Hensonville.

March 29 Fish Fry Hensonville.

April 5 Fish Fry Hensonville.


What Happened to Motherhood?

As you read my articles, you must know I’m afraid for the family unit. I pondered the reasoning for two or more to work. Here is what I come up with: The kids want more, money is short. Mom will apply for work outside the home. First she will need a car, insurance, gas, tires. How far does she have to travel. Who will be there to get the children off to school. Money for lunch, clothes to dress for work. Who will be home to meet the bus? You need a sitter and a house cleaner, everyone is tired, so no home cooking, just stop off for fast food. Everyone needs a phone, a computer, better clothes, everything.

We never have time to sit and talk as a family. Mom is stressed with her job. Has no time to relax. If one of the children gets sick, who is available to care for him? You cannot take a sick child to daycare, you might have used your sick time. How do you go to school conferences? Who is available for after school projects? I remember Pine Wood Derby, Andy and I would work with the boys to make the cars. The cars were the boy’s design, they helped shape them, they painted them, they put the wheels on, they raced them. We found the time to spend with the boys everynight helping them, not doing for them. Well, how many parents didn’t spend the time assisting their sons, just made it for them, or had the block of wood sent out and when it came back, it was a professionally designed race car.

Kids can’t clean their own rooms because the job they do isn’t up to perfection standards. Let the cleaning lady do it. Kids don’t like what’s on their plate. Don’t worry, grab a burger at the diner (and throw that out). We don’t hold our children responsible for their actions anymore.

Now the little kids have become teenagers. Unruly, unhappy, doing drugs, hanging with who knows who? Oh, it’s society’s fault. The teenagers have graduated school, it’s time for a job. The nerve, my supervisor said I was supposed to be here at 8 a.m. everyday and work until 4 p.m., with only an hour off for lunch. And no personal phone calls! Well, I showed them, I quit. Mom and dad will support me!

Are we moving forward or backwards? Why are we afraid to be parents? We want our children to be our friends so we can always look young. Who is the disciplinarian? Your child will love you just as much, if not more, if you stop being friends and become a parent. Keep the family unit together by having family meals and a chance to talk. Ask how their day was and really listen to the answer. Soon you will not only be liked, but loved and respected by your children.