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Ashland Speaks: A change in the air; be aware of IRS scam

August 29, 2018 11:32 am Updated: August 29, 2018 12:01 pm


Happy Labor Day! Can it be the end of summer already? I can feel the weather changing. Although it is still hot and muggy during the days, the nights have already started getting cooler. I know more than one person who is thinking about finding their lounging flannels for evening wear. It’s such a bitter sweet time of year. Do we want summer to end? Are we looking forward to the beginning of autumn? Have we gotten to sit in the shade doing nothing yet? I’m not ready for Labor Day! If we could turn back time........

Had a great day at the Rip Van Winkle Historical Craft Show in Haines Falls. Many new and old faces. It was great to renew old friendships, and even find relatives. Thanks to the many people who stopped and expressed such kind words about my column in the paper. I really try hard to think of new (old) items for I Remember, but it gets harder and harder. Please help stir my memories by telling me your stories. We all have them, it’s just putting them in words that is hard.

While your significant other is at the tractor pull in Ashland, why not come to the VFW Craft Show and Christmas Head Start Sale on Sept. 15. I hear there will be a North Settlement area Yard Sale that day starting at Mary Lacaff. No need to be bored. Come on down and browse.

The Jewett Presbyterian Church is reviving their Roast Pork Dinner! The date is Sept. 29, and it will feature their traditional menu. The apples will be ripe, and we all look forward to a great dish of apple crisp with ice cream to top off the meal. Plans are being made for their fall Rummage Sale tentative date Oct. 12 and 13. Please come support all of your local churches.

I just got a call from the IRS. I don’t answer the calls, but the voice mail is telling me that I owe money and the sheriff will be knocking on my door in a few moments to collect it. Remember the IRS will NEVER call you on the phone demanding money. They will send you a certified letter with instructions on how to pay off money owed. That letter should be then taken to a lawyer who will verify the claim. NEVER SEND MONEY OR GIFT CARDS TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. It’s such a shame that there are so many people that prey on Senior Citizens. Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we are stupid. It’s hard enough living on a fixed income without hackers trying to find a way to steal it from us.

School is starting which means we have to be aware of the Big Yellow Bus. Do Not Pass while the lights are flashing. Protect our children. There is no place you have to go in such a hurry. If you are late getting started, speeding past a school bus is not going to make you get there on time. Plan your schedule accordingly. Keep your doctor’s and work numbers in your cell phone so you can call them if you are late.

With all of the rain lately I have noticed several people breaking the law. Remember If it is raining, and you use your wipers, your lights should also be on. It’s for your benefit, as it makes it easier to see your car.

Please take note of the Church Service at Mitchell Hollow Chapel. It will be held at 4 p.m. Sept. 9. This is the only service being held there this summer, and they need your attendance and financial support to keep the chapel going. If you can’t attend and wish to donate please send to Judy Lamanec PO Box 194 Round Top, NY 12473.

The Windham Hensonville UMC will be holding a meatball sandwich lunch on Sept. 21.

The WAJPL Golden Agers took a trip to the Saratoga Hall of Fame on Tuesday. It was a fun trip and very well attended. Many pictures circulating with a correlation to certain part of a horse’s anatomy. The club will be holding its annual Open House on Sept. 24.The next meeting will be on Sept. 10 due to Labor Day, and the following week (the 17th) will be final prep for Open House. We need help setting up the hall for the event, and are calling upon all of our members to assist us. Sign up is being held for covered dish contributions.


Sympathy to Stanley Fancher on the passing of a parent.

Sarah (daughter of Lula Soule) has only been home a short time after a broken hip and rehab. Now she has a broken femur.

Wally Thompson is home. Hurray!

Larry Partridge is looking forward to coming home and needs all of your prayers.


Sept. 4 Ecumenical at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Windham.

Sept. 5 WAJPL bus trip to United Nations $40 CALL MARY LOUISE at 518-622-3397 ASAP.

Sept. 9 Church in Mitchell Hollow at 4 p.m. *note new time*.

Sept. 15 Tractor pull Ashland.

Sept. 15 Christmas Crafts at the VFW Windham.

Sept. 21 Meatball lunch Windham UMC.

Sept. 23 Catskill Glee Club at the Windham Center Church 3 p.m. Sponsored by Ashland UMC.

Sept. 29 Roast Pork Dinner Jewett Presbyterian Church.

Oct. 6-7 Autumn Affair in Windham.

Oct. 6 Alumni Dinner Acra Manor.

Oct. 7 Draft Horse Pull Ashland Town Park.


I have to stop watching TV It gives me angina. Last week I heard that the company that makes animal crackers has to change that wonderful old box, so that the animals are no longer in cages. Do you remember mom buying and bringing home that box? Red with tigers and lions and a circus design with a string handle. After carefully eating the crackers (did you eat the head first, or the legs or the body.) What animal did you search for? I usually saved the elephants for last and made a circus parade with them. The lions were always scary, and the buffaloes were eaten because they didn’t belong in my circus. After the crackers were eaten, you, and your siblings could make a regular circus train which we could travel all over the country in performing circus acts with your animals. You could be the Ring Master, or the assistant — dressed to the hilt to introduce your circus acts. You could run outside to your swing set to perform the high wire and trapeze artist acts, before coming in and jumping in your train and traveling to another city. All this from a box of crackers. We kept these boxes because it wasn’t often that we got Animal Crackers, to make our trains longer and better.

Where is the imagination today? How many children are encouraged to put away the video games and play in the yard? We can’t have a circus because it’s not PC. We put our dogs in cages while we are away from home during the day, and at night while we are sleeping, but are not allowed to show wild animals in cages because it’s not natural. We need to stop horse racing, dog racing and pig racing. My cat is too fat, so I can be brought up on animal abuse charges for overfeeding her. My dog is running around in a fenced in area, and the neighbors complain, so I have to pay a fine. Don’t go hunting and kill the deer and bears, but trap them and relocate them to another location. Trap the chipmunks and relocate them. Did you know that they do come back? My cat is the answer to my chipmunk problem. Not to say it’s right, but did you ever watch a cat with its prey? Am I supposed to punish my cat for its natural behavior?

Should we change the name of other foods? Oyster crackers are probably anti-oyster, even though Shirley Temple put them in her soup. Buffalo Wings were first started in Buffalo, but do they have a connotation of being made from buffalo meat? Corn dogs are not made from dogs.

I wish the animal protection groups would come take care of the woodchucks who are making holes under our houses or the bears who are trashing the dumpsters. But they would only relocate them to the country.

Oh yeah, that’s where we live. Now what?

Please send me your events so I can let the public know. — Lula