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0906_COL_ashland speaks

Submitted by Lula Anderson on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:47 am

Ashland Speaks: Back to school; bear sighting


Labor Day is over, now it’s back to school. Welcome back to the students and teachers. A wonderful time to renew friendships that were put on hold over the summer recess. Remember those days when we enjoyed going to school after the long summer? We didn’t have social media to keep in touch, and most of us didn’t see our friends from June until September. I guess that’s what kept our friends fresh. We had a lot to discuss.

Bear sighting. As Judy was coming in to type this morning, a bear came barreling down out of the mountain, jumped over the guardrail and into the woods on the other side. A car from New Jersey was coming up, just past Marathon Lodge, and came to a dead stop. Guess that was his first up close and personal encounter with mountain wildlife.

Sorry that I got the date wrong on the North Settlement yard sales. I misunderstood. I thought that all of the sales were the same date as Mary Lacaffe’s. I hope you all did well in selling your treasures.

There will be a Craft Show at Historic 1812 Freehold Church 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 29. Call Warren Eckler at 518-622-2814 for information.

The Mitchell Hollow Chapel Service will be at 4 p.m. Sept. 9. Please come to support the church and Shannon Garaghan. They both need the community support. I will be there to tell a story.

Janet Nichols will be showing books on history. She has collected obituaries from her area which have a lot more information than just born, died and members of the family. Obituaries were often a tribute to the works of the person, plus a record of who attended the funeral. I have read some of the old obits and have found them a gateway to the lives of the times. Copies will be available if you find someone you know, or just an interesting one. She also has an extensive study of Mountain Lions in the area. 99 hand written sightings in the Catskills. The presentation will be at Lexingtown Hall noon-3 p.m. Sept. 8.

Does anyone need a sleep sofa and love seat? Call 201-666-9509.

Many prayers for Lori Reidy who was in a car accident last week.

Karen Eisenberg, assistant recording secretary for WAJPL has had surgery and needs many prayers for recovery. Karen has been having a hard time since falling last winter.


Sept. 9 Church in Mitchell Hollow at 4 p.m. *note new time*.

Sept. 15 Tractor pull Ashland.

Sept. 15 Christmas Crafts at the VFW Windham.

Sept. 21 Meatball lunch Windham UMC.

Sept. 23 Catskill Glee Club at the Windham Center Church at 3 p.m. Sponsored by Ashland UMC.

Sept. 29 Roast Pork Dinner Jewett Presbyterian Church.

Oct. 6-7 Autumn Affair in Windham.

Oct. 6 Alumni Dinner Acra Manor.

Oct. 7 Draft Horse Pull Ashland Town Park.


With school opening this week, I want to go back to your school days and how everyone dressed. I know it’s hard to believe, but women teachers and girl students did not wear slacks. Females wore dresses. Men wore pants. Case Closed!

No matter how hot it was on the first day (week) of school, we wore clothes as if we were going to an office. No shorts, except for gym class and sports. Even they had to be no more than 6 inches above the knee for girls.

It was never hard to separate the faculty and staff from the students (identify if you wish). Teachers (male) wore suits, or at least dress clothes and ties. Females wore dresses or skirts and blouses. All wore dress shoes. I remember one teacher, Mrs. Murray, who came to school with two different shoes. When told about it, she said “Glad you like them, I have another pair just like this at home.” Students wore dress shoes, no sneakers except for gym class. Which brings to mind the gym floor. NO STREET SHOES ON THE GYM FLOOR. If you had to cross the gymnasium to get to the locker room, you went around the room. You stayed behind the black lines for the basketball court. Coach Mackey was known for grabbing kids from the middle of the floor and making them walk around the gym to prove this point.

Well spoken, well dressed, soft spoken, good language in the class room. We never cursed in school, we were chastised for misbehavior. We were taught to be respectful, and we were respected in turn.

I recently heard a person who thought that students should wear whatever they want (or not.) If a boy could come without a shirt, why not the girls? So wear whatever you want. Do the parents know or object to the no clothes thing, or do they just give the kids money and say “whatever”? We see the kids wearing jeans with holes, and paying big bucks for this look. Is this appropriate for a learning environment? School was once considered training for adulthood. We made mistakes, and were corrected. Not everything deserves a trophy. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. I heard that some schools are doing away with the Valedictorian and Salutatorian as it singles out the brightest and hurts feelings. Take it from a number 3, I survived. Yes, my feelings were hurt, but I think it made me a better person. I learned what I did wrong, and had the opportunity to correct my mistakes. When we just emphasize the positive, we just set ourselves up for failure, but don’t know how to accept it, so just blame someone else.

Anyway, back to the dress code, how students and teachers look, reflects on their thinking, just as food intake helps our bodies grow, we have to teach how to process the student’s learning. Learning anatomy should be done in Science class, not from the undressed student. We should teach our children how to respect their bodies as well as nurture their minds. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they are wrong. I, for one, learned more from my mistakes, as you find out what you did wrong and correct it. It’s a big world out there and many different view points. Let us be prepared to face this world.

Think about your teachers and their attire and let me know your feelings. I welcome comments from teachers and students alike. I am open to criticism as I was taught to accept it.

Please send me your events so I can let the public know, lmgeand@yahoo.com — Lula


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