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Art at Leeds is pleased to announce Triple Vision Journeys Through the Lens

August 7, 2019 02:18 pm

LEEDS — Art at Leeds Gallery is pleased to announce, August 8 - Sept 1, 2019 Triple Vision - The journey of 3 local photographers: Nora Adelman, Anthony De Santis and Robert Berg

Nora Adelman’s previous existence in New York City provided her an amazing wealth of inspiration and stimulation. International as well as national travel (most recently to Cuba, New Zealand, Spain, Morocco, Italy, New Mexico, Cape Cod) has always stimulated her eye. Since putting down roots in Athens over thirty years ago, the Hudson River Valley has expanded and inspired her choice of subjects. Nora also enjoys photographically capturing human beings in their natural habitat and takes every opportunity to do so. “Photography has always been an essential element in all aspects of my life. I have incorporated it into my political activities for world peace and social justice (Make Prints, Not War), my social life with my friends, capturing their celebrations, and in my work life in which I used photographs to help my students “see” themselves in a more positive light.”

Anthony DeSantis describes his work, Hudson Valley Of The Dolls. “Out of necessity I began working with a lovely group of dolls - literal dolls - in order to give myself the time flexibility to be able to explore themes of isolation, longing, and desire for things that aren’t always available or in our best interest. Dolls don’t have schedules. I find myself at that point in life where I recognize the clock ticking on my own mortality. I am wrestling with both the larger and smaller questions of life.

• How do I reconcile my place in the world?

• What do I do with the time I have remaining?

• What connections are real and which are my imagination?

• How can I be as authentic as possible in my relationships with others and with myself?

Robert Bergs many journeys to Myanmar (Burma) have given him fresh eyes in which to see the world. Spending many hours in search of food and markets, the country bubbles with stories. Here he will share some of them.

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