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Amedore Group asks for change in Claverack zoning laws to build developments on Route 66

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    The intersection of Route 66 and Route 9H in the Town of Claverack. The town is considering changing its zoning laws at the request of Amedore Group Inc. which wants to build 700 senior and market-rate housing units.
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    Sen. George Amedore, R-46, speaking at the Coxsackie Village Hall. Amedore’s family’s business is looking to build senior and market-rate housing as well as retail business buildings at the intersection of Route 66 and Route 9H in the Town of Claverack.
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    The concept plans for Amedore Group Inc’s proposed project at the intersection of route 66 and route 9H in the Town of Claverack.
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    The estimated water flow for Amedore Group Inc.’s project at the intersection of Route 66 and Route 9H in the Town of Claverack.
July 12, 2017 11:23 pm

CLAVERACK — The real estate developer company owned by State Sen. George Amedore’s family is requesting the town to change its laws to allow them to build 568 units of housing and several businesses at the intersection of Route 66 and Route 9H.

The company Amedore Group Inc. first presented what it envisions for the for two parcels of land, totaling 110 acres, on either side of Route 9H, which is now a gravel pit next to the Ginsberg’s Foods building, at the town board meeting in June.

There was then a special meeting Monday between the town board and Amedore Inc. to discuss changing the town’s zoning laws to allow multi-use zones, so that the company can develop senior apartments and affordable housing in what is now an industrial zone.

“We would do this for everyone, every zone, not just for Amedore,” said Town Supervisor Clifford Weigelt. “They came to the board just to see if we were interested.”

The town is working with the zoning and planning board looking at the company’s recommendations for changing the law so it works for their proposed project, Weigelt said.

“We hired an expert in zoning law to help us figure this out,” the supervisor said.

The two parcels in question are owned by North Claverack Development Group LTD, classified as a mining or quarry property, and have a combined assessment of $269,100.

Paul Amedore declined to say whether the company has talked to North Claverack Development Group LTD about buying the parcels.

The project, if approved, will take 10 years starting with senior apartment construction and market-rate apartment construction in the first five years.

“There is a need in the marketplace for more senior housing. That is where the demand is and that is an area I have been investing in lately,” Amedore said.

The project will also include retail businesses, a grocery, a warehouse and an urgent care facility, but no names have been announced yet.

The plan so far is to develop 568 housing units between senior housing and market-rate housing.

So far the plan includes 312 units of multi-family housing, 144 units of moderate senior housing, 112 units of market-rate senior housing, nine retail buildings and a warehouse.

“That number could still get cut back. Their plans might change depending on if and how we rewrite the law. They just presented us with what they envision for the property,” Weigelt said. “This doesn’t mean we’ll change the law yet.”

Amedore said it is too early in the process to know if the company’s plans will change.

But the supervisor said they are proposing things the area needs such as senior housing and market-rate housing.

“We have been tweaking the laws here and there to better serve the town,” Weigelt said. “It does not make sense why you cannot have housing in an industrial zone.”

Making use of the property was in the town’s comprehensive plan prior to 2012, the supervisor said.

The company expressed its desire to meet with the town board twice a month to update them on the project.

Weigelt said he could not comment on whether the planned sewer line that will connect the Gerald R. Simons Commerce Park along Route 66, which would pass through the intersection to the sewage processing plant in Greenport fits into the Amedore Group’s plans for the property.

The taxpayer bill for the sewer line project will be $149,447.

“That’s between them and Greenport,” Weigelt said. “They could build their own sewer. They might want to connect. It is too early in the process to know.”

Amedore said connecting to the sewer line is something the company is considering.

“That wouldn’t hurt the project,” Amedore said. “I inquired with the county about the sewer line. If it is feasible, connecting would be something we would consider.”

Between the two parcels the estimated water consumption and wastewater generation for the project as it stands, based on New York State design standards, would be approximately 116,000 gallons per day.