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‘Water and Word,’ a multi-media driving tour app

A postcard image of a Shaker kitchen is featured in the app during the last stop of the tour, which concludes at the historic Mount Lebanon Shaker site.
July 25, 2018 12:04 pm

NEW LEBANON — Many small rural towns contain hidden treasures — if only you know where to look. The Shaker Museum has just made it easier by releasing “Water and the Word,” a multi-media app exploring the astonishing early history of New Lebanon.

This 16-stop, one to two hour driving tour explores the period following the American Revolution, when the hope of attaining personal and community perfection gripped the Shakers as well as many of New Lebanon’s leading citizens and led to significant social reforms that helped define American democracy.

Researched, written and narrated by Ruth J. Abram, founder of Behold! New Lebanon and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, the driving tour app also features original music and optional illustrated audio chapters offering more information at each location. Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon became the distributors and stewards of the app when the museum absorbed Behold! New Lebanon earlier this year.

Lacy Schutz, Executive Director of the Shaker Museum, said, “This app reveals the distinctive history not just of the Shakers, but of extraordinary people who shaped the town of New Lebanon. It’s a great resource for visitors as well as residents and explores the town as a birthplace of the pharmaceutical industry, a site of educational reform, and a destination for tourists seeking the healing waters of the local springs.”

The Water and the Word app is available for free download via the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as the Google Play Store for Android devices. Find the app by searching “Water and the Word” wherever you normally get your apps.