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‘No mud, no lotus’

July 21, 2018 01:56 pm

To the editor:

“No Mud, No Lotus.” So says beloved Buddhist teacher and writer Thich Nhat Hanh, now 91 years old. The lotus flower has to have mud in which to grow. No mud, no lotus.

In US Congressional District 19, we are deep in the mud with John Faso. He votes with and props up the current President, an open white supremacist. Now Faso has pulled out his own predictable dog whistle.

In fact, the more traction Antonio Delgado—a brilliant, earnest, visionary candidate—gets, the louder Faso’s whistle will be. Decent people cringe that our current congressman is so dirty. That’s what politicians do when their parties are regressive and have no good ideas. They play dirty.

The mud can grow a lotus, however. Each time Faso blows that whistle, donate what you can to Delgado’s campaign. Don’t waste your time arguing with bigots; instead, register voters. Give your time and treasure to a fantastic slate of regional candidates, including Antonio Delgado, Pat Strong and Jen Metzger for State Senate, Juan Figueroa for Sheriff.

Together, we will transform mud into the most beautiful flower: legislatures that look like America and that truly represent people, not corporations. Legislatures that work in concert with citizens to fully realize cherished American ideals and promise — for equality, for opportunity, and for justice.

Michelle Sutton